We're "free-lance entrepreneurs"

Henry and Lynn (HL) Watkins started this company to provide technology management consulting, merger and consolidation consulting, technology procurement consulting, project management and marketing solutions.

Henry's background in mergers, acquisitions, technology design and management is the core for the consulting business.

Lynn's experience in marketing communications, graphic design, photography, advertising and sales promotions is the basis for our marketing solutions.

We provide...

Consulting - Technology Management

Advice and assistance on technology management. This practice focuses on the opportunities in developing technical staffs, outsourcing solutions, technology projects and in understanding the technology market place.

Consulting - Mergers and Acquisitions

Experienced based assistance with due diligence, consolidation, integration and conversions associated with mergers and acquisitions.

Consulting - Technology Analysis

Helping determine viability of current and proposed technical solutions. This practice focuses on the 2 -18 month technology decisions.

Consulting - Technology Strategy

A retainer or fee-based service to work with long term technical strategy to meet small to medium business’s needs.

Marketing Communications, Photography & Design

From concept to completion, we help our clients and their businesses grow by delivering marketing strategy, creative design and impressive photography.